Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's the last daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Day 30! Well, I did it.

Yesterday, I was wearing shorts *SHORTS*, and today? Sleet turning to snow, which is good, 'cause I like having a nice thick layer of ice underneath snow.

Happy day thirty-have a vegan chocolate chip cookie.

One of ten

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Maybe this should be my New Year's resolution?

I was in traffic behind a car whose license plates read "ROCK 247" and it dawned on me- I don't rock 24/7. I maybe rock 11/3 but, not 24/7. Maybe, if I put my mind to it, I can get up to 19/5. Yeah, I can do 19/5.

b side

I * heart* this U2 tape.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Monday, November 27, 2006

Day Twentyseven!

The end is neeeeaaaaaaar.

So, I'm lounging about on the sofa, when i see a commercial for Lowe's hardware store. It suggests that, to make the holidays more bearable, and lessen the complaining and jabs of in-laws, you make some improvements to your house. This made me wonder, why do people put up with behavior like that? In every other normal healthy adult relationship, you do not complain about and disparage someone's home. At least, not to their face.
We're so programmed that the holidays should be spent with family, no matter what, that we put up with things that we shouldn't.
A few semesters ago, I had an assignment for my Psych course that involved a parent interview. It was Easter weekend and I was really not looking forward to it. If not for wanting to see my siblings and grandmother, and the assigned interview, I would have skipped out on the visit. One of my sisters, a Muslim, wasn't there. She later explained that our mother was disappointed that she didn't show, but, Easter isn't a holiday they celebrate, so why should she be expected to join in the festivities?
This was a major, Ah ha, moment for me. (Oh my god, is that an Oprahism?)It was the first moment that I realized that I'm an adult and can decide how I want my family to spend the holidays.
We spent Thanksgiving with extended family, and Christmas Eve will be spent with "Pop-pop", but Christmas day will be all ours. We will remain in pajamas and eat cinnamon rolls, while opening presents. We will, if there is any, play in the snow. We will make lunch together, and watch DVD's. This is what I want my kids to remember, not the travel, stress, and rushing about.
The Christmas I remember, putting on footie pajamas and lip syncing to The Carpenter's, no longer exists at my Grandmother's house. There have been too many additions to the family, too many changes, to allow those things to continue.
Don't get me wrong, I love visiting with my siblings and my grandmother(and one of my aunts and a handful of cousins and my niece and nephews) but, I don't want to do it out of obligation. And, I don't want to put up with the negativity that seems to seep out of certain relatives. I talk about running, and hear a diatribe about the damage to ones knees. I talk about no longer eating dairy, and hear about how I'm surely ruining my bone density. I marvel at the warm weather, and hear that it's only acting as an incubator for the Flu. Being around that much negativity, is not healthy. If I can, actively lessen it, then why not?
Because everyone else shows up? Because it's expected of me? That's not reason enough.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Day Twentysix

Partridgeless pear tree

I was just outside. I was wearing a t-shirt. I wasn't cold. I *heart* this weather. :)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Five more days.................................

Santa's in time out

I guess santa and the baby jesus are still a feudin'

Friday, November 24, 2006


I bring a cd player to the gym, for, I am a dinosaur. I use aforementioned cd player to block out the sounds of the piped in music. Occasionally, something will grab my attention, and I'll have to pull off the headphones to make sure I'm hearing what I *think* I'm hearing. Today it was the remake of the song "let's do the twist" by Chubby Checker and The Fat Boys

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm thankful it didn't explode


I've done it a million times-set my coffee on the wee little ledge in front of the TV. The wee little ledge that is in really close proximity to the rest of the components. The wee little ledge that isn't *quite* wide enough for my coffee mug. Yesterday I managed to knock over the mug. The majority ended up on me and the carpet...but, a little, just enough to cause a fatality, ended up *in* the receiver. It could be worse. It could have exploded. And, hey, I have a blog entry today. Yeah, me!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006



Bunchofpants,and Rakka both did this meme. You expect me to resist the meme-y goodness? Gosh, you're silly.

1. Julian Bream- Finale-Toccata
2. Hootie and the Blowfish- I Go Blind *
3. Rachael Yamagata- Be Be My Love
4. The Pogues- Lorca's Novena
5. Beastie Boys- So Whatcha Want
6. Journey- Lovin',Touchin',Squeezin'**
7. Janice Hagan-Why Don't You Do Right?
8. Tool-Sober (acoustic)
9. James Taylor- October Road***
10. Joe Satriani-Cryin' ****
11. Dave Matthews Band-Trippin' Billies
12. Kermit the frog- Rainbow Connection*****

* Okay, so I'm in high school, and I have my very first cd player, ever. (it was a christmas present) I use my babysitting money to sign up for one of those 12 cd's for a penny! mail order dealies. This song was on the "Friends" soundtrack I ordered. It was 1995, I was so very young, and everyone at my school was covered in flannel and moodiness.

** You know you sing along when this is on the radio.

***Confession: I think James Taylor is hot. I'd make out with him.

****There is a story that goes along with this song. A story about doing something for the first time. A story that you will not be hearing (reading?) *blush*

*****This song makes me cry.

The Day before Thanksgiving

As of today, half of my *total* posts will be from NaBloPoMo.

I had this teacher in high school-Mr. Romer. Every year, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break, he would bring in a turkey. A live turkey. The turkey was kept in the back of the classroom. Mr. Romer spent the entire class period encouraging us to feed the turkey, in order to fatten it for the next day's feast. It never occurred to me at the time, but I later figured out, Mr. Romer was a vegetarian. His little show was intended to make us think about where our food came from. I wonder how many kids refused to eat turkey the next day because of Mr. Romer.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I need better plates.

Monday, November 20, 2006

focus, composition, proper exposure? This lacks all three!

focus, composition, proper exposure? This lacks all three!

I haven't taken any meds for this cold,(I consider the coldeeze to be a dietary supplement)but, my head is still all fuzzy. A fuzzy head that has caused me to ponder things in a rather loopy, round about way. I thought I'd share a few of theses meanderings with you:

1. I know I should never use zinc on an empty stomach. I have orange juice that has zinc *in* it. Can I drink the juice with nothing else and be safe from the rather unpleasant side effects of zinc? The zinc gum supplement warns that I should not consume it within half an hour of ingesting citrus fruits. Does citrus make zinc ineffective? Are the orange juice people blowing smoke up my ass?

2. Is a ribbon too wide to be a string? If a ribbon is too wide, does that mean a thread is too thin? (this thought brought to you by the Utata Iron Photographer project)

3. If I were a macaroni-and-cheese-is-a-vegetable-and-bacon-should-be-used-as-a-garnish-for-everything-type, what vegan dish would I happily consume as a side dish on Thanksgiving?

4. All those people at the grocery store, the ones that appear only at this time of year? What do they eat during the rest of the year? Do they really only cook once a year? How can they pull off a fancy pants multiple course meal for dozens of people when they can't seem to navigate a super market? Is there any money in marketing myself as a Grocery Store Sherpa?

5. As always, there is no number five.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day Nineteen

Is anyone else having issues with Flickr and Blogger? They wont play nice for me...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Day Eighteen!

Caleb: We need dinosaur oatmeal and freezie pops.
Me: Sweetie, I don't think the stores have freezie pops anymore.
Caleb: D'oh!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Day Seventeen!

This is not a pipe

*cough cough*

Thursday, November 16, 2006

artificially placed leaf

I went for a very cold and windy Thursday walk. It's hard to believe that we are up to week 31. I need to start participating in Utata more. The people there are so inspiring and the projects offer a good kick in the pants to just get out and create something.
We are over half-way through November. This daily posting has made me question the worth of the 365 project at Flickr. I think If I had to shoot myself every day, I'd end up with 90% garbage, 8% decent shots and 2% good images. I think I'll decide by January first. It seems appropriate.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day fourteen

I had a post chock full of pictures and text planned. Guess what? I don't have time to actually execute it. Instead, I have links for you!

1. Elizabeth Taylor, a.k.a., Stephanie Cornell has created a website (NOT a blog) about some of her favorite things:10 Things It's wonderful, as is her design work and Flickr photo stream. I laughed out loud when I read "Which means if you are on a diet or are some wacky vegan type, you are shit out of luck". I hope to contribute ten of my favorite things at some point.

2. Do you have a bike? Consider yourself lucky.

3. If you've peeked at the links on the side (which I need to add to) you've seen the brilliant things that M. Kennedy has done with action figures over at Yogabeans. Chances are, if you like that, you'll like Bush Yoga.

4. I'm hoping Jesus Claus brings me a little something from Certaintees this year. I've been an awful girl. I mean, an awfully good girl.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Day 13!!!

Today's post has a theme. However, instead of weaving each topic together with appropriate segues, you know, actual work, I'm putting it in list form!
Yeah, me!

1. One of the local radio stations has already changed to an all-Christmas music format. It will be like that until New Years Day. Now, I don't hate the Holiday in question;I've already made a handful of purchases in preparation. But, I don't want to hear "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" until I'm good and ready.

2. The song "Eins, Zwei, Polizei", by Modo, is my new favorite song to listen to at the gym. ( I have bobofett to thank for that)

3. I want to marry Pandora. I've found some really wonderful albums. If you're curious: Hem-No Word From Tom, Theresa Sokyrka- These Old Charms, and Toby Lightman- Bird on a Wire, are a few of my current faves.

4. NPR's no slouch either. They introduced me to the Duhks and Catie Curtis.

5. There is no number five.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Day 12!!!!!

Is it over yet? Damn, November is a long month.
Here, go watch a foamy cartoon:

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Day Eleven!!

A question, for those of you participating in NaBloPoMo, do you think you'll be posting anything on December first?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Day Ten!!

Originally uploaded by Crystl.
So, yesterday I ran over a squirrel and today my vegetarian spring roll was not so much vegetarian. Unless, chicken became a vegetable overnight.
I'm going to leave you with a link to one of my favorite Strongbad cartoons.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day Nine!!

me and my shadow

Do you see that? In my shadow? The jacket I threw on to walk the monkeys to school tied around my waist? It's tied there, because it's *warm* outside. Sunny and warm. The time I set aside for my Thursday walk will now be spent on my bike. I need to go throw my hair in pigtails and put on shorts. Shorts! Buh-bye!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day Eight!!!!

As you dream, so you create. As you are, so you create.

I came across this today.
Lately, as I've been reading, I find phrases that sort of take me by the shoulders and shake me vigorously. And I *like* it. I need to be shaken. When the weather cools down and the days shorten, I tend to fall into a bit of a pattern with my day to day. Things that I typically enjoy (like going to the gym)become chores. In preparing for the move, and ultimately creating the life I want, there's been a change. I'm still feeling a bit blah about the cooler weather. But, I now have something to look forward to, and changes that I once thought impossible, are slowly coming to fruition. My usual apprehension in times of great change has morphed into action and calm.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Originally uploaded by Crystl.
Day Seven!
This was going to be a really negative post. A grumpy rant about the morons I have to share the road with, and their inability to maintain basic rules of the road when they leave the street and drive around a parking lot. Like, why is it that the lovely painted arrows on the ground are so useful on an actual street , but in a parking lot, they become confusing random symbols? I was also going to spend a fair amount of time complaining about Flickr photo ordering at Target. One hour photo? Not so much. More like drive to Target and inquire about photos only to hear that they don't even have your order. Why yes, I *did* get a confirmation e-mail. Why not ask me if I'm sure I actually ordered them, too? And, suggesting that I call first from now on? Kinda makes the whole confirmation e-mail pointless. Doesn't it?

I was going to complain about those things.
Aren't you glad I didn't?
Instead, this post is about these happy little snowflake stamps. Now, I'm the sort of person that enjoys snow for all of one day and then searches in vain for signs of spring. (The sight of crocuses in March makes me happier than it should) I like these stamps, though. They reminded me that it's time once again for my monkeys to exchange Christmas cards with some other Flickrkids. Remember how cool it was to get mail as a kid? I can't wait to help them make their cards and send them out. They'll take turns checking the mail for return cards. I have to admit, I get a little excited to check the mail, too. Even a val-pack or a bill is better than no mail. And, I *do* have the arrival of a photo order to look forward to. Thanks to Target and the giant sucking noise coming from it's general direction.

See? Yesterday's post-completely pointless. Today- chocks full of pointiness. Pointful, if you will...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Day Six

Flickr pal, and general all around cutie pie, Esther, recently posted this video on

clandestine trampoline on Vimeo

I addition to being awesome, it reminded me of Kim and Amy Weber. They were the two sisters that lived down the hill from me when I was little. My sister Kim and I would spend as much time as possible at their house. They had water beds, televisions in every room in the house, a Snoopy sno-cone maker, and every Barbie doll and Barbie doll accessory. They also had a massive trampoline in their postage size back yard. This was years and years before the advent of trampoline safety nets. Their parents had our mother sign a release form so they would not be held responsible if we were injured. My older brother would come over, under the guise of checking on us, and impress us all with his ability to touch the cable wire that traversed the back yard.

Can you tell that this post has no point? At least it's longer than two lines. Happy Day Six!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yoga Nuts

Yoga Nuts
Originally uploaded by Crystl.
Dear guy in my yoga class,
Please don't unfurl your mat with a thwack. That is all.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's that time of year...

It's that time of year...
Originally uploaded by Crystl.
My living room is warm and cozy at the moment. Just thought I'd share...

Friday, November 03, 2006


Originally uploaded by Crystl.
Day three post. You were expecting more? Pity.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's a Major Award!

It's a Major Award!
Originally uploaded by Crystl.
Day two!
So, the other day, Caleb came home from school with this certificate.
Caleb: I got an award in art class!
Me: That's great! Why'd you get it?
Caleb: 'Cause I was quiet.
Me: *head explodes*

I understand the ins and outs of positive reinforcement. As a parent, I use it all the time. But, this? This is nuts. Want to send an entire generation to hell in a hand basket? Give them awards for doing what they're supposed to do. Now, you'll have to excuse me. I have to bake Katie a cake because she woke up today.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Why have a blog if you don't update? That's what I always say. I know, you wouldn't guess from this blog, but that is totally my mantra. Yep.
So, I'm gonna hop on board the NaBloPoMo train with daily blog entries in November. Several of them will be lame and phoned in. Enjoy!