Monday, November 20, 2006

focus, composition, proper exposure? This lacks all three!

focus, composition, proper exposure? This lacks all three!

I haven't taken any meds for this cold,(I consider the coldeeze to be a dietary supplement)but, my head is still all fuzzy. A fuzzy head that has caused me to ponder things in a rather loopy, round about way. I thought I'd share a few of theses meanderings with you:

1. I know I should never use zinc on an empty stomach. I have orange juice that has zinc *in* it. Can I drink the juice with nothing else and be safe from the rather unpleasant side effects of zinc? The zinc gum supplement warns that I should not consume it within half an hour of ingesting citrus fruits. Does citrus make zinc ineffective? Are the orange juice people blowing smoke up my ass?

2. Is a ribbon too wide to be a string? If a ribbon is too wide, does that mean a thread is too thin? (this thought brought to you by the Utata Iron Photographer project)

3. If I were a macaroni-and-cheese-is-a-vegetable-and-bacon-should-be-used-as-a-garnish-for-everything-type, what vegan dish would I happily consume as a side dish on Thanksgiving?

4. All those people at the grocery store, the ones that appear only at this time of year? What do they eat during the rest of the year? Do they really only cook once a year? How can they pull off a fancy pants multiple course meal for dozens of people when they can't seem to navigate a super market? Is there any money in marketing myself as a Grocery Store Sherpa?

5. As always, there is no number five.


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