Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day fourteen

I had a post chock full of pictures and text planned. Guess what? I don't have time to actually execute it. Instead, I have links for you!

1. Elizabeth Taylor, a.k.a., Stephanie Cornell has created a website (NOT a blog) about some of her favorite things:10 Things It's wonderful, as is her design work and Flickr photo stream. I laughed out loud when I read "Which means if you are on a diet or are some wacky vegan type, you are shit out of luck". I hope to contribute ten of my favorite things at some point.

2. Do you have a bike? Consider yourself lucky.

3. If you've peeked at the links on the side (which I need to add to) you've seen the brilliant things that M. Kennedy has done with action figures over at Yogabeans. Chances are, if you like that, you'll like Bush Yoga.

4. I'm hoping Jesus Claus brings me a little something from Certaintees this year. I've been an awful girl. I mean, an awfully good girl.


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