Tuesday, November 07, 2006


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Day Seven!
This was going to be a really negative post. A grumpy rant about the morons I have to share the road with, and their inability to maintain basic rules of the road when they leave the street and drive around a parking lot. Like, why is it that the lovely painted arrows on the ground are so useful on an actual street , but in a parking lot, they become confusing random symbols? I was also going to spend a fair amount of time complaining about Flickr photo ordering at Target. One hour photo? Not so much. More like drive to Target and inquire about photos only to hear that they don't even have your order. Why yes, I *did* get a confirmation e-mail. Why not ask me if I'm sure I actually ordered them, too? And, suggesting that I call first from now on? Kinda makes the whole confirmation e-mail pointless. Doesn't it?

I was going to complain about those things.
Aren't you glad I didn't?
Instead, this post is about these happy little snowflake stamps. Now, I'm the sort of person that enjoys snow for all of one day and then searches in vain for signs of spring. (The sight of crocuses in March makes me happier than it should) I like these stamps, though. They reminded me that it's time once again for my monkeys to exchange Christmas cards with some other Flickrkids. Remember how cool it was to get mail as a kid? I can't wait to help them make their cards and send them out. They'll take turns checking the mail for return cards. I have to admit, I get a little excited to check the mail, too. Even a val-pack or a bill is better than no mail. And, I *do* have the arrival of a photo order to look forward to. Thanks to Target and the giant sucking noise coming from it's general direction.

See? Yesterday's post-completely pointless. Today- chocks full of pointiness. Pointful, if you will...


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