Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day Eight!!!!

As you dream, so you create. As you are, so you create.

I came across this today.
Lately, as I've been reading, I find phrases that sort of take me by the shoulders and shake me vigorously. And I *like* it. I need to be shaken. When the weather cools down and the days shorten, I tend to fall into a bit of a pattern with my day to day. Things that I typically enjoy (like going to the gym)become chores. In preparing for the move, and ultimately creating the life I want, there's been a change. I'm still feeling a bit blah about the cooler weather. But, I now have something to look forward to, and changes that I once thought impossible, are slowly coming to fruition. My usual apprehension in times of great change has morphed into action and calm.


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