Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fell in love with a girl*

* "girl" is actually a house.

The monkeys and I toured a home yesterday. It's a large (Second Empire Style- I think?)103 year old house. It has amazing original features. I loved the leaded glass windows,original hardwood floors, transom windows, pocket doors (functional!), herringbone brick floors in the basement, and an amazing stairway to the attic.

The back yard had plenty of space for a garden and patio, it's on a corner lot, and close to downtown and the bike trail. It's also a lot of house for the price and about 1000 more square feet than the other home we're considering. The electric, furnace, water heater, and roof have all been upgraded recently.


Location is a bit of an issue. The one thing we can't change. The corner is adjacent to a very busy road. It's zoned for a less than stellar grade school (Caleb has one year left) and it doesn't feel as safe as the other area we're looking at.
It also needs a lot of work. The windows are original and the house would be very drafty in the winter. Both bathrooms are in need of renovations, the garage has lawn and not a driveway in front, and the kitchen needs to be renovated as well.

The good news is that we've found a Realtor we want to work with. We're going to do another walk-through of our top contender house this week with him, and we'll go from there. This feels like a roller coaster when you're slowing clicking up to the top before a drop, rush of wind, and adrenaline.


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