Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pre-Update Update

Where are we...oh, yeah. Inspection. As I write this, the home inspector is at the house poking around and whatnot. He gave me the option of being there for the whole 3 1/3-? hours but, instead I'm going to head over there in an hour and half to take measurements while he finishes up. I guess it varies from location to location but, the norm here is to go at the end of the inspection and go through the report with the inspector.
The relocation co. wants a quick and easy process, and have had their own inspections done and repaired what they felt were possible issues. I'm not going to jinx it by saying that this inspection isn't necessary, but, I think it's 40% inspection 60% peace of mind.
I'm still keeping fingers crossed* and rubbing my mini garden gnome**.
I'll have a post-pre-update update either this afternoon or tomorrow.

* The home buying process really brings out what little superstitions I have.

** not a euphemism.


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