Sunday, April 02, 2006


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My Grandpa Gene liked to keep a bowl of nuts on his coffee table. He and Grandma would sit across from the couch in their “his and hers” recliners and visit with guests. You could see him perk up the moment someone took a handful of nuts. He would watch, waiting for the perfect moment. “You like those?” he’d inquire. The question was always answered in the affirmative-why else would they be eating them? He’d nod and wait a moment longer, just long enough for them to take another handful. “Yeah, I don’t care for them myself……” he’d say, pausing long enough for them to be mid-chew “….so I just suck off the chocolate and put them back in the bowl.”
I like to think my warped sense of humor comes from him.

My grandfather has cancer-he has for quite some time. It’s spread to his bladder and bones and there is nothing anyone can do about it. His doctors have sent him home to die.
I went to see him on Friday. He’s perfectly lucid despite the painkillers. The visit was just like any other. He’s had to worry about taking care of himself for so long; there are things to avoid, things that would make his condition worse.
He and my aunt decide that they would have fried chicken for Sunday dinner. Grandpa said “it’s not very good for you but sometimes you just want fried chicken.” then he smiled and looked at me and said “It’s kinda nice to not have to worry about my health anymore.”