Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ahh, crap.

Caleb is sick this week. Also,his left eye,it has le pink, so, in addition to both kids being boooooooooored, I have to somehow get drops in his eye (which I keep typing as "yey") every three hours. Good times.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

School's out for summer

as of yesterday.
We went to the school so the kids could pick up their report cards.
and say goodbye to their Principal.
Caleb skipped home.
We went downtown for a lunchtime concert. The band was the New Prairie Ramblers.
This guy watched me take a picture of Katie and her dimples:
We went to the library to sign the kids up for the summer reading program. Looks like there will only be one tie-in with the new Harry Potter book.
Caleb camouflaged himself in the stacks.
And, Katie found a Warriors book that she hasn't read yet.
We hung out in the quiet room for a while. (because *my* kids know how to be quiet in the library)
Then we went to the beach!

Except it was actually the park.
I took advantage of the available light to get a picture of my new bag. It was only 4.99 and it's big enough to hold two books, a magazine, my camera and a spare lens, all of my usual crap, and have room to spare.
Caleb did the ooh ow oooh ow oooh walk with a bucket of water.
and then we played a little soccer.

And then we went home and watched The Simpsons. Hope your Summer is getting off to a good start, too!

Monday, June 04, 2007

This may or may not be in order

Did you know computers can chortle? Mine can. When I slide in the memory card from the camera it actually chortles. Bastard.

I was going update much more frequently but, due to the bastardness of the aforementioned PC, I'll be doing one large photo entry.

We found out that the sprayground was open early:
We'll be spending a lot of time there this summer.

The kids also went to the farmer's market with me:
Number one
Did you know that eating too many beets can make your urine pink?
(I don't have a picture of that)
They have hydroponic tomatoes there. Perfect for making a T.L.T. :
I feel like I should wait for the organic heirloom tomatoes, but it was a really long winter and I *needed* that T.L.T.

( recipe )

We went to the zoo.
katie and the nameless bird
the animals let us get very close.

The red panda stuck his tongue out at us.
red panda

So did the tufted deer:
the deer was into tongue wagging, too.

We went to Utica:
wish I were there

This picture made my day:

This will be hanging on my wall soon.

Caleb had a Spring Celebration at his school:
Spring Celebration

Multimedia message from Crystl on Vimeo

And yesterday the kids and I went to Japan:
new Japan exhibit
Katie tried to watch herself on tv:

We had tea:

I didn't steal this bowl:

Caleb shared some sushi:
I didn't steal these, either:

How bad would it be...
We thought about having a pretend Hello Kitty picnic:

I shot myself with the sakura tree:
Katie tried on a kimono:

My batteries were rather low-I'll have to go back to get more pictures.