Thursday, September 13, 2007

Has it been a decade already?

Yes, yes it has.
Two full hands!
Katie is ten.
She's very excited. Her friends will be coming over on Saturday for a party. We're making it a Lemony Snicket theme. We'll be watching the movie and I plan on making pasta puttanesca (to go with the pizza we'll be ordering). I need to find a dreadfully awful craft for the girls to do while they're here.

I sent her off to school with Vanilla and Chocolate Marble cupcakes. They're vegan!
I'm willing to bet that Katie is the first kid to bring vegan cupcakes to school.
Isa recommends a simple star of frosting for the top-so you can see the awesome marble effect. These are going to a group of 9 and 10 year olds so I frosted them liberally. (I still have a big bowl of leftover fluffy butter cream frosting if there are any takers)


  • Yay! Happy Birthday, Katie! I have to admit, a Lemony Snicket party sounds like the best theme ever - ever. Ensure you keep some cake for the cake-sniffing orphans in the orphan shack!

    By Blogger Irregular Shed, at 3:45 PM  

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