Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Yin Yang

Dear UPS,
You may want to go over some basics with your drivers. Like, say, the difference between a three and a four. I know the three is all curvy and wonderful, and the three that my neighbors have is much shiner (it's new) than the four on my door, but, that doesn't matter when it comes to actual delivery. Work on it, could ya?

Dear Resolutioners,
Thanks for not sucking as much as last year. That whole wiping off your machine thing? Very cool. Go you!

Dear Water Wheels,
I love you. *LOVE*
(o.k., for those of you that may be thinking that I just professed my love for these , water wheels are actually a thing we did in yoga class on saturday. My abs still hurt. It's a good pain.)

That is all.


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