Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year in Review

So, here it is, the last day of the year. Lets (like everyone else-I'm nothing if not original) re-cap my 2006.

I was cold, a lot.
I thought mean things about all the resolutioners at the gym. Where were they in November, huh?

I took part in Utata's Nocturnal Photographer Project
Trogdor burninates the creme brulee

I celebrated Trogdor's birthday. Anyone know of a good vegan creme brulee?
Starved Rock Lodge

I spent a lot of time in Utica.

I saw some really lame tagging downtown (which was recently renamed "uptown" cause it's fancy)
I found an awesome architectural salvage store downtown.
Side plates
February 2, 2006 060

I found Caleb's favorite new restaurant.

I tortured a grapefruit.
Unsuspecting Grapefruit
Say, what're ya doing with those knives??

I made play d'oh!
Play D'oh!
and a play doughnut.
Play Dough-Nut

I got crafty.
before filling
Zafu and Zabuton

I discovered Neanderthal Spongebob and his rage issues.

Neanderthal SpongeBob flies into a fit of rage when he realizes that he lacks the mental faculties to solve the Rubik's Cube.

I told you what I'm listening to.

CD's that travel with me

I exchanged Swaptata photos.
Which ones?!?!?

I drove around with a shark and a pirate.
(fill in the blank)-holder

I put out my garden.
cue the snow

I received a swaptata photo from The Pack.
Second Swaptata

I went to Atlanta. Atlanta, Illinois.
Giant Weiner

I made, what is now, my favorite pizza.
Fresh Tomato Pizza with Avocado

I received birthday burn cd's from Kim and rakka.
Thank you, Kim!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Rakka!!!!!!!!!!
(I still listen to them)

I celebrated rakka's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Rakka!!

I ate my first sno cone of the season.
Backyard snowcone

I grew Nasturtiums.

I went on a Thursday walk in Mohomet, and found Seuss-like plants.
A plant that doesn't know it's in Illinois

I played with toys.

I found out that ROUS's really do exist.

I made homemade "fakeon".

I got sick.

I got the kids their first slip n slide.
Not enough water from the sprinkler, I guess.

We had a great view of the fireworks.

I tried a fluffernutter for the first and lat time.

We went swimming.

I got a bike.
Don't let me decorate your house

I made naan.
This year in review is making me hungry.

I made my top ten stranded on a deserted island songs list.
Distraction & Procrastination Challenge

I drank a lot of iced green tea.
I can't see this, can you?

I got sick, for the third time. I had an allergic reaction to the meds and decided that perhaps, I should do something about getting sick. I began a trial vegan diet.
It worked. I'm still vegan.

I took a gross but pretty shot of a bug.
It's almost pretty

I fell in love with the Weepies.
My week in music isn't quite as diverse as Esther's

I also fell in love with the lower dells.
looking glass
I got punny.
pinky swear

I went to Chicago.
cloud gate

I picked my first tomato.

I found my new best friend, or, at least, their car.

I made super yummy vegan pumpkin cookies.
pumpkin cookies

I found some favorite photos on Flickr.
Um..yeah, some more favorites
More favorites
A few of my favorites

I found even more reason to like Esther and Calvo.
How could you not love these two?!?

I resumed a regular yoga practice.

I made fancy pants vegan vittles.
coffee roasted tofu with bosc pear and fingerling potato ragout

I showed you my ass.
do these jeans make my ass look big?

I did a DILO.
wake up. take exactly one minute to turn on camera and take picture of clock.

I spent a lot of time on the bike trail.

I started baking bread again.
it's supposed to be this ugly.

I received my moo cards.
My moo cards came!!!

I played with ginger.
I didn't just buy this for the photo

I made berbere and Ethiopian food for the first time.
Ethiopian lunchy goodness

I went to Utica, again.

I took the monkeys trick or treating.
and made a mangolantern.

Caleb earned an award. For being quiet.
It's a Major Award!

We had the first fire of the season.
It's that time of year...

I got this awesome shirt from Bunchofpants.
Thank you, Bunchofpants!!!!!

I had an "incident" with a squirrel.

I decorated my Christmas tree.
Partridgeless pear tree

I went to my Grandma's house for Thanksgiving.
Neanderthal SpongeBob flies into a fit of rage because there are no Coke products in the house.


We had a snowstorm. The store lost power.

I received Edwin. The BEST. PRESENT. EVER.
Edwin, meet Flickr. Flickr, meet Edwin.

We went sledding.
more sledding (on Vimeo)

Took silly pictures of the kids.

Found cute little bird footprints in the snow.
It was too cold to go on a long Thursday walk...

Made a Decemberween ornament and cookie.
Decemberween ornament
decemberween cookie

I did the winter solstice DILO-and neglected to post pictures of all of it.

I went to the store and found some yummy (?!!?!?!?!?!) flavored coffee.
Multimedia message

Went back to Trevett Finch park in Champaign.
this picture cracks me up

and wrote this year in review.

See you guys next year! I need to go buy some black eyed peas.


  • every day i heart you more and more, crystl! i didn't think it was possible!!

    happy new year! enjoy your hoppin john!! :D!

    By Blogger r4kk4, at 10:04 AM  

  • Aw, you totally just made my day!!!
    Happy New Year, to you, too!!

    By Blogger Crystal, at 1:50 PM  

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