Monday, April 09, 2007

Not quite a month...

since my last post. But, I was busy, with......stuff.
The kids had Spring break ( I never had spring break in grade school) and I was sick. So sick, that one day I had the kids make themselves frozen waffles for lunch.
I'm the best mother ever.
Anyway, I'm so sick of the inside of brain, no, house, yeah, house and the cold weather with the gray and the no sun that I'm in a bit of a mood. I want to spring clean everything. I find myself wanting to dust the beams in the basement, give everything to Goodwill and completely overhaul the whole house.
I'm starting with my Flickr account. It has less dust and is less likely to make me sneeze. Any respectable type A would use the tags properly, you know, or, at all. I've begun a bit of a clean up and re-org that may very well take me a month. (or, until I'm bored with it) Wish me luck. See you soonish.


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