Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fauxstess Cupcakes-a review

Yum?, originally uploaded by Crystl.

Hey there! I'm still alive. really.

I made the Fauxstess cupcakes (seen above) from Vegan with a Vengeance a few weeks ago. This was sort of a trial run to decide if I should buy Isa's other book. These were very good and, had I spent more time, or followed directions, they also would have been nice to look at. The cake portion is nice and dense and has a wonderful not-too-sweet flavor. The ganache was a bit of a challenge but, I'm used to a more traditional version, or was, until I decided to be vegan. The white frosting for piping really does need to be thick like toothpaste before use. I figured it would thicken when set, and applied it when it was still quite thin, only to find it absorbed into the ganache a few minutes later. I think my only issue with the recipe is the filling. It calls for superfine sugar instead of powdered sugar. I didn't like the grainy texture that the sugar gave to the mixture. I'll definitely make these again.


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