Wednesday, March 05, 2008

He's punny

Caleb: Mom, I know why Katya is fast.
Me: Why is Katya fast?
Caleb: Because she's Russian.


So I just got around to photographing the last of my Thing-a-Days. I'd post them to Flickr if I could actually upload.*

I made a "Jones'n for Om" shirt to see if the process would work on bamboo**. It does!

Did I tell you how much I loved that you could cook for your Thing-A-Day?
On day something or other I made Indian food:

Say what you will about Miss Martha but, her website is great when your brain is broken and you need and idea. I found the pattern for this hat there:

More food:
I had leftover pizza dough and some cherry tomatoes that needed to be used right away. It made for a rather tasty foccacia:

The kids each made a self portrait at school. I copied off of them:

I also made a stupid sock creature one thing a day was the legs (which I screwed up):

I eventually made the rest of him:

I also made another Martha thing:

It's a shirt for Katie.

Remember the cherry tomatoes from the foccacia? The cute little container makes a wonderful seed starter. :

And I took a picture of Katie's favorite tree (in the hopes that it would also be a photo of our last snowfall):

* New cable co. = no longer able to upload to Flickr. I hope to have this fixed soon.
** it's a bamboo/cotton blend


  • As usual, I missed Thing-a-Day. I might have to try it on my own.

    By Blogger Joel, at 11:17 AM  

  • I think you should! It'll be May before you know it. Heck, I'd do it along with you.

    By Blogger Crystal, at 11:32 AM  

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