Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I have a crush on my bike

Don't let me decorate your house
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It's not a secret or anything-the bike knows. This is only the second bike I've ever owned. My first was a Schwinn Typhoon; teal and white. My mother got it from her then boyfriend. It belonged to his daughter and had been sitting in his garage for years, just gathering dust. I only had it a few months. I was riding it in the park one day and the tire had a blow out. We couldn't afford to get it repaired and I went bike less.

I've been riding the new bike daily. My thoughts are consumed by it. What bike accessories I need to pick up, which bike trail I'll try out next, what name I should give it. Before long, I'll be dressing entirely in spandex and will shave "Viva Lanceā€ in the back of my head.

Or not.


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